Creative Timeline for WordPress - Google1

The year of Change

Google Logo: This year has been full of unexpected events and to begin with Google has updated its iconic logo.

Google Maps: Also, Google has updated its map both in IOS and Android. The new update includes new tabs—Explore, commute, saved, contribute, and updates.

Hum-to-search: One of the interesting features which Google recently added was its hum-to-search feature for both Android and IOS. You can just hum, sing, or whist the tune to get your favorite song.

Google Chrome: In the latest Chrome update, the user can easily search the desired tabs. This will further make Google Chrome more users friendly.

COVID-19 UpdateOne of the major updates we have recently seen was with COVID-19 maps. Google’s initiative to track down coronavirus hotspot helped the government to easily track the COVID-19 areas.